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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Loving via Running

Umm. The title of the post is so cheesy, I apologize! Yesterday, I literally fell off the stairmaster when a friend tapped my on the shoulder at the gym. Why? Not because I was totally in the zone, but because I was completely agast to see the word SEX on the cover of Runner's World.

They have a small section devoted to love and running, and even go as far to assure people that pre-race sex can only be of benefit, forever banishing the phrase "not tonight honey" in this context. Excerpt for May/June issue below:

Prerace WarmupDoes sex before competition hurt your running?

Not tonight honey, I'm racing tomorrow. It's an ancient excuse--literally--dating back to Ikkos of Tarentum, who swore off sex for months leading up to the Olympic Games of 44 BC. (On the upside, Ikkos won the Pentathlon.) But chances are you won't exert enough energy to tap into your reserves. "Ten minutes of sex burns 50 to 60 calories on average, equivalent to walking a half mile," says Tommy Boone, Ph.D., author of Sex Before Athletic Competition: Myth or Fact. Even better, sex could possibly improve your performance. "There is anecdotal evidence that it has a positive effect," says Boone. "If sex helps you relax, reduces your anxiety, and helps you sleep, then why would you give it up? You could be worse off not doing it." Now there's a new way to get a little faster.

A few other interesting things that I read about recently are Fitness Singles and Running Singles. I know nothing about these groups other than that they are growing in popularity. Not that I am putting down running to meet people or online dating. I didn't join Team in Dating, I mean Team in Training to meet guys, persay, but I didn't totally escape the inevitable. Who doesn't want to date a fit person? Although, I must admit, many male runners are too skinny for my taste!

What I do love are the New Balance commercials about running from their very expensive new ad campaign: Love/hate is the new balance. Good job guys, they rock!

I never thought of New Balance as running shoes, maybe hiking, but apparently they are, according to Clander anyways :).

Okay, enough about fitness friskiness! In a post coming very soon ( I promise), I will discuss my new fitness/diet goals and my plan to get back into shape!