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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Monday-Crunch Fat Burning Pilates Video

Tuesday-lots of energy and somehow extra time to sneak bits of exercise in here and there!
morning-stay slim on the road workout from Fitness Magazine
mile walk to work
Afternoon-25 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes stretching
Evening-2 miles walk, stripper strength class

Wednesday-2 mile walk (I walked to the tnt event instead of hopping on the subway)

Thursday-Power circuit-10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes rower, 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes stairmaster --if I have extra time, sometimes I will do this twice, but not on my lunch hour!
Also a mile or so walk through Soho, but at a very leisurely pace.

Friday-Crunch fat-burning Pilates video

Saturday: Workout in the Park: all classes 20 minutes (I'll go into detail about the whole day in another post:))

Strength and Alignment
Latino Groove (1/2)
Absolution (1/2)
Cardio Tai Box
Camp Crunch
Million Dollar Knock-out
Masala Bhangra-I heart this!

Sunday-Tried to run, but I was too sore! So I went on a 5 mile walk instead. I'm a little obsessed with Gavin Degraw's song, "In Love with a Girl" so it was nice to be able to listen to slower music.

My calves are really burning. I am not sure whether this is because I wore heels a lot this week (4 inch pumps all day Friday!) or from Self Workout in the Park!


Lauren said...


I remember you mentioning that your dvd broke. I too need to get a new dvd player and was wondering what you decided upon? I suck at knowing anything about electronics!

Amy said...


I am new to your blog and was going through the archives and you seem to be really into the raw food/healthy living lifestyle. I found your blog actually though learning about raw food diet. I guess it's a pretty big thing....I had never even had heard of it before! I eat pretty healthy, but my main downfall is salad dressing. I feel so gross, knowing that the salad dressing I love has both hfcs and soybean oil. I would much prefer no hfcs and olive oil. Any suggestions and favorite dressings of your own? I love making a salad with avocado, beans, etc, but the health aspect kinda disappears after putting on my Italian dressing! Thanks!

Amy said...

I just wanted to add, I prefer my dressing not to be high fat. Of course restaurant dressings taste great but they also use alot of oil. I know fat is important to incorporate in a salad, but with the avocado that I add a little olive oil in a dressing is all I need. thanks for any advice you can provide!

Melissa said...

Hi Girls! Sorry for the delayed response! Just moved!

Lauren: I read reviews on cnet before I buy anything involving technology. They haven't steered me wrong yet! I will probably just by one from Best Buy-a cheap one since I really don't watch dvds other than my workout videos!


First of all you are right to add some fat to your salad for satiety, but also so that your body can absorb all the fat soluble vitamins in vegetables. Avocado is a great choice. To keep from adding too much additional fat, I usually go with a balasamic. I select this over something with tons of fake sweetners or sugars because those things seem to just make me want more sugar. A lite balsamic is always good, sometimes just the vinegar!

My favorite dressing is Newman's Honey Dijon Light. My parent's also use the ALL NATURAL Maple Grove line, all the ones I have tried are GREAT!

A pretty lo-cal and fat!

Kimberly said...

Hi, Melissa. Regarding suggestions for group fitness classes at Equinox -- I HIGHLY recommend Brazilian Groove/Brazilian Bootcamp, or any of the salsa/Latin-themed classes. An awesome workout, and so much more fun than just traditional cardio. I'm also a big fan of the Pilates options, and spin classes are infinitely popular (I don't spin, but the classes always fill up way before start time.) My favorite instructors are Kim Mayer and Abby Goldenberg. Have fun! :)