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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Workout Cravings

aka boredom...

I think I am over the treadmill/elliptical monotony. I love to do classes and try new things, but schedule-wise I seem to always be busy when there is a spinning class. Now that I don't belong to NYSC, I don't have access to free classes. Technically I have to register and pay for all the classes offered, and very few fit my schedule. I am pretty sure I could get away with crashing, but all the great spinning and hip hop classes I would like to take seem to be at the same time I have class. But taking classes is a great way to stay excited about working out.

Out of the blue I have been wanting to go swimming for weeks. Despite access to a nice pool, getting organized enough to go swimming has eluded me. It's a lot of work, the suit, the cap, the goggles, the towels, the serious need to dechlorinate afterwards (although I do LOVE the smell of chlorine), and perhaps what I dread the most--having to shower before going in the pool. I understand it from a hygiene stand point, but having to be cold and wet for the 50 feet from the shower to the pool kills me. Plus, there is nothing like the feeling of diving into a pool, the point of entry is spoiled if you start out soaked.

Maybe on a weekend I can make it happen. It will allow me to truly clear my mind since I can't use an ipod!

There is such a debate out on swimming for exercise and weight loss. Bob Greene says in Get with the Program that swimming is not effective for weight loss because your body never heats up. Plus it is anaerobic not aerobic.
I have read studies saying that the body keeps a layer of fat on your body to protect you from swimming in cold waters and others that claim swimming makes you hungrier than other sports.

As a former competitive swimmer and a lifeguard for many many years, I don't really care what Bob G. or studies say. I love swimming, I think it is a great to get defined muscle tone and it's great if you have any injuries. I just thought I would put the info out there for discussions sake.

Other strange cravings:

Yoga. I never really craved yoga until recently.

Also dance classes, I read this great article on dance classes in NYC, and I have been dying to take a Masala Bhangra class. It an indian dance class that is a great workout and so much fun! It is the class I am most looking forward to at Self Workout in the Park. Here is a schedule of classes in nyc, but you need to belong to NYSC or Clay for most.

Finally, striptease. My hot coworker takes it, and I have been dying to try...although super nervous too.

Anyways, I am going to try one of the three this week, so I don't have to start dragging myself to the gym!

Oh, I am going to start posting my workouts everyday, and tagging them "today's workout," so you can see them all together. I'll still do the weekly wrap up with comments.


VeggieGirl said...

ah yes, workout boredom affects us all at some point... I hope you take the dance classes - I'd LOVE to hear how they are!! :0)

Betsy said...

if you're looking for another good yoga place, I go to Yoga Effects on E. 54th b/w 3rd and 2nd. It's amazing...and always hard!

Amy said...

Just curious what made you decide not to be a journalist- you clearly love to write and are great at it!

Anonymous said...

I'm having a bit of workout boredom myself, so I've been googling all the latest Fitness DVDs. I don't live near a gym so that is not an option--I really miss spinning classes!

Melissa said...

Betsy! Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely try Yoga Effects!

Hi Amy,

A combination of things. I had three amazing internships that were irreplaceable experiences,but didn't lead to a job. I eventually couldn't keep temping, waitressing, baby-sitting and working a million jobs, so I took a full time job at a non-profit. I kept searching and freelancing for a while, but eventually I decided that the competition and the very very low pay in the editorial world might not be realistic. It was such a hard decision, and I still feel like a failure sometimes. But on the brightside, I published a few pieces and I can always try freelancing again some day.

I am now very excited about a career in global university development and the blog allows me to keep writing about what I love.

I am not sure about my decision, I actually wanted to create my own degree in Gallatin School of Individualized Studies that would be a combination of a nutrition degree and a journalism degree, but I didn't have the guts,so maybe that says something about my ability to survive in the j-world!

You can actually read about my job hunt in the magazine industry at I was girl on the hunt #4 I think!

amy said...

That so cool that you were featured online! I hear you about salary.....I am actually interested in non profit, but that's low paid as well.

And I don't think you are a failure! You have quite a blog following!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I'm on the elliptical wishing I was kickboxing or kickboxing but wishing I was jogging or something.

Anonymous said...

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