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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There is really not much else I can say. Life interrupted my blogging, fitness, mental and physical health in a major way...and I kept meaning to put up a brb or bbs message and never got around to it. Needless to say, you have missed no exciting exercise, fitness or inspirational news of any kind from me.

While I'll spare you my sob story, it's sufficient to say that between finals, health issues in my family, making a major life changing decision that has kept me up many a night--that I am finally accepting and hoping for the best, I fell off the well-balanced, gym-junkie, reliable blogger wagon.

BUT I'm Back! Done with classes for two glorious months, so fitness and a healthier diet will work their way back up the list of priorities. Just in time for a last minute summer shape up too!

Sadly, my dvd broke, which of course, only makes me sad because I can't do my workout dvds, so here is my favorite workout while watching tv routine:

Jogging in place 2 minutes

Squats for one minute

Jumping jacks-1 minute

Running in place with high knees-2 minutes

Front lunges with over head press-1 minute

Push ups-15

Jumping rope-1 minute

Shadow boxing-1 minute

Running in place-kicking your butt--1 minute
(11 minutes)


The Hundred

Leg Drops-20

Ab Ovals-Crunch left move to center with out dropping, then move to the right-10 in one direction, then 10 reverse

About 5 minutes

3 Sun Salutations (google for directions please :))

About 5 minutes

So the whole routine is about 21 minutes, give or take. You can rest on the commercials, or just go straight through.

I repeat this 1-3 times depending on energy and whether the show is 30 minutes or an hour.


VeggieGirl said...

no worries, Melissa - I know how busy you are!! hang in there!!

Kristin said...

Welcome Back! I hope all is well and we are just glad to have you back in action! A new month - for new beginnings. Maybe check Craigs List for a cheap DVD player to replace the broken one?

Kristin said...

Also - what is The Hundred?

Melissa said...

Hey Kristin,

Thanks for the message.

The Hundred is the classic pilates ab exercise. Basically you raise your legs to about 45 degrees from the floor (lying on your back) and you lift your shoulders of the ground around 45 degrees. Now the hundred part: while in this position you pump your arms 10 times as you exhale, ten times as you inhale until you reach 100 total pumps. The pumps create resistance and make the exercise more effective.

Also thanks for the message VG! xo

alicia said...

Welcome back Melissa!

I hope that things will work out for you and just want to let you know that you're missed. :)

Betsy said...


are you running tomorrow??

Betsy said...

i'm still not sure if i'm running either. my knee is basically fine but i don't want to re-injure it especially if i'm going to do a fall marathon. i'm totally lost about what to do!! but, i'm going to pick up my race packet after work, run on my street to see how it is and who knows!!! i'm also a little nervous that i haven't run at all for 2 weeks. eek!

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