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Friday, April 18, 2008

Today's Workout

Okay yesterdays workout, but for the sake of tagging, today's.


30 minute elliptical

600 crunches-different variations. My favorite: plank position, alternating touching your knees to the ground quickly--or jogging it out as they say at Physique--then touching both knees down together, then touching hips to the ground, right then left. This one REALLY works the obliques.

I walked about 30 blocks to where I was having dinner.

So I managed to stay out way too late with friends Wednesday and Thursday, and ended up not getting to yoga either morning! Boo. I wake up early enough, but I don't have the energy!

Tonight I am just planning a regular running, elliptical combo with at least 25 minutes of strength.

This weekend I will take you on a virtual run through my favorite battery park city route and resume my rock your body challenge with a great workout to do while watching tv!

Oh Hungry-Girl isn't always my fav, but today she has a GREAT post!

Happy Friday!
I felt like I needed a picture, and one of my favorite things about the beginning of spring in the city is seeing the cherry blossoms open up. It is always a serendipitous surprise!


VeggieGirl said...

So sorry that you missed yoga :0( But today is another day!

I get the Hungry-Girl e-newsletters everyday, haha - good post today, indeed!

The photograph of those cherry blossoms is so cheerful and vibrant! Love it.

TGIF!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Where did you go??