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Thursday, April 10, 2008

DIY Spinning

Since none of the spinning class times were working out, I decided to give myself a class. I have always wanted to get certified, one of my one thousand life goals.

I have to admit that this is a pretty lame spinning playlist, I just put my recently played songs on random and figured out a different spinning theme depending on what came on. I'll have to put together some spinning playlists with the classic spin songs like, I'm sorry miss jackson and I'm Gonna Be (500 miles).

But before I get to the workout, hear are some spinning tips. Sorry, even wannabe instructors have to include them :)

Bike setup:
1.) You bike seat height is right if your legs are ever to slightly bent
2.)Your arms should be parallel to the ground at a right angle (the higher the handlebars, the easier it is)
3.) Your seat should be far enough away that you are reaching slightly, but you can comfortably form a right angle with your forearms and upperarms.

General tips:
1.) To maxime your workout keep your arms on the handlebars and in proper form at all times. This means don't sit up with your hands on your waist during rests, stay in position one, but slow down if you need to.
2.) Push down and pull up on the petals, this way you work hamstring and quads, feet parallel to ground.
3.) Straighten your back to engage your abs.
4.) Push yourself harder than you think you can, you can always slow down later. Resistance feels hard at first but your body quickly adjusts.
5.) Always have some resistance on the petals, otherwise you are wasting your time.

My workout: (This is really aimed at people who have taken classes. Also push yourself!)

1.) Warm-up: What Would You Say-DMB-just flushing out the legs and warming up

2.) Position change intervals: Don't Stop the Music-Move through the positions starting with 16 counts the 8,4,2,1, (two times each before reducing, uping resistance after each set) The positions, seated first, standing second, standing second butt back, same position hands under handlebars, move forward to third with butt back hands under the handlebars, same position hands on top of handlebars, standing in third, standing second. Repeat.

3.) 100% Pure Love-The above workout lasted two songs because I came back up from 1, 2, 4, 8. Second song faster.

4.)Seated Climb-Like a boy-peddling, half turn every 30 seconds

5.)Jumps-Perfect Lover-seated to standing second position-starting with 8 rotations repeat twice, then 4, 2, 1. Then move back up the ladder, 2, 4, 8. Dance the chorus: move diagonally from right third to left second, left third to right second.

6.) Climb-Toy Solider-1/2 turn every 20 seconds, seated to standing

7.) Fingers-Feedback-So this test balance. Start with 5 fingers go down to 4,3,2,1. Starting with 8 rotations per finger, so 8 with five fingers before moving to 4 fingers. Then 4, 2, 1. You move from position to position starting in Standing Second, then standing second butt back, same position underhand grip, standing third butt back, standing third. I know this is confusing, you change position after you are down to one finger. moderate resistance helps.

8.) Sprint-99Luft Balloons-I just did three sprints when the music speeds up.

9.) Standing Third to Standing Second-Breaking Dishes-Move forward and back while stand on the bike. Third, second, second butt back with hands on back of seat. high resistance

10.) Steady Pace-Help-Concentrating on form, pushing down and pulling up and then using one leg at a time.

11.) Cool down-Dice


VeggieGirl said...

how fun that you created your OWN spinning class routine - sounds great!! I've always wanted to give spinning a try...

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