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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Run 100 Miles?

Inside Nike Running published a fabulous article about my Coach Ramon, who just finished his 100 mile race! But before the article...
As you may remember, I ran my marathon to raise money for Kate Davis, a little girl diagnosed with cancer at age 1 and a half. Ramon ran his race to raise $75K for Kate. He did it, and guess what? It really does make a difference!
Ramon sent this email:

"On July 1st I got the best news of the year !! Besides being Kate and Olivia's birthday, on this day I got an email from Debbie sharing the news that Kate had gotten the "ALL CLEAR" from her doctor, NO MORE CHEMO ! that sentence made my Year !Next week, I'll run to Honor Kate but I will also run to celebrate the News !! wooowwww!!!"

So here is how his 100 miles and 23+ hours went.

PS Ramon is pretty hot, these pics don't do him justice.

PPS. Want to train with the best? Ramon coaches the Run NYC training group that meets at Nike Town on 57th and 5th on Tuesday nights.

Okay, here it is!


VeggieGirl said...

Such fabulous/relieving news about Kate!!

Roni said...

That's awesome!!

chandra said...

WOW. WOW. Really... I don't know what more to say, I am in complete awe right now. And I'm tearing up, seriously. This was such an inspiring story, thank you so much for sharing it!