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Thursday, July 17, 2008

School's Out For Summer

As of yesterday night I am done with school until September. It feels good. I am just glad that it was fairly painless--and I loved my class. While I am sure I have totally lost anyone who may have read my blog during my abandonment, I am glad to be back. Ready to get back into fitness, and see where else this blog may go. I plan to post about 3 times a week.

Just in case I start going off on a catch up tangent, I have a bunch of great blogger/blog shout outs at the end, so feel free to scroll down.

I mentioned that I needed a bit of time to figure out my career and life and such, and I have to say I feel (at 3:24 on Thursday afternoon) pretty good right now. I have a few rustles in the career department. Class went well. I could be in better shape, but I maintained my workouts through summer session. I think I need to work a bit more on the spirituality side of things, and intend to read A New Earth with my newly found free time. PS If you haven't read Smart Women Finish Rich, go get it and devour it, very powerful stuff.

So I am jumping back into my workouts. I have my running schedule in my blackberry--will share soon. Physique 57 sent me a buy one get one coupon and I went last week--a-f-ing-mazing! I hobbled down Spring Street to the subway after, it took me like 10 minutes. I can't wait to use my second class with Magen, if I make it off the waitlist Tuesday!

To my New Yorkers, look out for Summer Streets, this could be a fun fitness find happening all through August.

Of course the week before finals, two unfortunate events occurred. This is not woe is me, I am a totally half-full kind of gal. My computer died. On the bright side, I replaced it with what I truly wanted: an Lenovo Thinkpad X60, which arrived yesterday. I have been wanting a Thinkpad since my last one got power shocked in Spain and I stupidly replaced in with a Dell. So hopefully my upcoming posts will be even better!

I also got food poisoning on Monday night or Tuesday at lunch. Anyways, I spent a few days pretty miserable, but I had to suck it up and get through finals, using the campus computers and all. However, noticing how awful dairy made me feel, I realized that, as Natalia Rose suggested, it is really freaking hard to digest. So I am going start limiting my love affair with dairy a bit. NO this is not a vegan announcement folks. In fact, I was really happy that the guy I am going out tonight with picked Kashkaval over Vento and Planet Thailand 212 because I would never be able to resist the gelato at V or the frozen custard at the Shake Shack, both of which would inevitable send my still-sensitive tummy into turmoil, and then the rest of my running for the bathroom.

In any case, to flush out any lingering poisons, I am going to try to do a little cleanse by focusing on veggie juice and smoothies next week, probably some fruit and salad too, we will see how it goes though, I suck at anything that potentially denies my appetite complete and utter free will. But boy will food poisoning make food seem terrifying...for a few days anyways.

So that's where I am...and now for the lovely folks who I have really started to love over the last few months.

At VeggieGirl's suggestion, I added google reader. It makes it easy to follow blogs, but more effort to comment. So now I read a lot more blogs.

First off, my friend and student worker Jessica. I have been reading her blog since she started it maybe 7 months ago. It cracks me up, and it has gotten the attention of many notable media types (ahem...gawker). Today she has an article on New York Magazine. You rock girl!

Next, Chandra. Talk about a transformation and a lot of work. I just really started reading her blog, and I just love her great attitude. Her posts keep me smiling.

(Kind of) Finally, Meals from the Girl in the Little Black Dress. I love her blog, and with this post, she introduced me to a whole new realm of blogs I had not yet discovered: fashion blogs. I am now obsessed.

My favs include:


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for no more school!! You deserve summer vacation already, girl. Glad you're liking Google Reader :0)

Anonymous said...

OMG- thank you so much for the link! Fashion blogs are basically my life. I wish I were fashionable enough to write one, but I'm not, so I stick to food. And I LOVE the title and photo in this post- you are adorable!

chandra said...

Hooray for being done with school!! And thank you so much for the shout out. :) Very sweet!!