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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Right to Bare Arms

Cliche title, I know.

Physique 57 did not disappoint last night! I even ran into one of my good girlfriends and marathon buddy, who I haven't seen in weeks. We were both ridiculously excited to get off the wait list and into Magen's class.

We did some great arm exercises that I can really feel this morning, so I thought I would share them with you.

These 4 easy moves will really have you feeling the burn. The great thing is that they require zero equipment.

1.) Regular push-ups (20)

2.)Push up planks with tricep kickbacks. Still in push-up position. Bend and lift your right elbow straight up, so your arm is in a V from your shoulder to halfway down your chest. Next extend arm straight behind you alongside your body. Bend back to V position and lower to the full plank push up position you started in. Repeat on right side. Do 10 on each side.

3.) Still in plank push up position, do push ups lowering your body with your elbows pointing at the wall behind you. Your arms should be very close to your sides. These are killer, aim for 10.

(Bonus move: drop to forearm plank and alternate touching right and left knee to the floor for 30, then do 30 with both knees lowering and lifting together.)

4.) Reverse push ups. Flip over and get in crab walk position. Knees are at 90 degree angle to the floor and arms are straight, so your body is elevated in a straight line from knees to shoulders--stomach facing ceiling. With hand facing your feet do 20 tricep dips, then point hands toward wall behind you and do another 20 tricep dips.

Enjoy a well deserved stretch!


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