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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Monday: Pilates at Crunch

Tuesday: Yoga at Yoga Sutra+ 40 block walk to yoga studio. For the record, I passed 6 Mister Softee's on the way to the studio, but since we are in an open relationship, I decided not to smother him :)

5 mile run+Zumbanda workout video (just felt like dancing and this is an easy one).

The run was not the NYRR Anniversary run I was so excited about. Things kind of crumbled and there was a lot of miscommunication, but it's a looong story, so I'll spare you! I ended up doing the run on the NYU Rooftop track. Normally the thought of running on a track is pretty hellacious to me, but the dark muggy gym was even more so, plus I was hankering for a run! It was far more pleasant than I anticipated and I had it to myself for most of the time, save a few boys who did a few quick laps and an old crazy guy.

On a side note, the track felt so nice on my legs, so much better than concrete or the treadmill. I might have to use it more often. In general grass, a track, dirt or sand (which is awesome for burning extra calories and toning your legs FAST) are more gentle on the knees and legs than pavement, treadmills or other hard surfaces.

Thursday: Morning workout: 45 elliptical, and 20 minutes of ab and leg work. Using the ball, stability board and lots of lunges.

Friday: Morning workout: 45 minutes elliptical, 15 minute run. 100 squats. 40 block walk and then an AMAZING midnight yoga class at Laughing Lotus. So Friday night I went out to have dinner with my girlfriends, and fellow marathon runners. They were both getting up in the morning, one to do a 40 mile bike, one hour run in prep for an Iron Man, the other to do a 6 mile race and an hour long Pilates class. Needless to say, when you have friends who are really into fitness you feel slightly more normal, say, spending your Friday night doing yoga. I have actually always wanted to do the midnight class at Laughing Lotus (10pm-12AM), despite wondering who would be there. Super yogis? People in AA trying to avoid the bars? Losers? Me? Anyways, it seemed like a good opportunity, so I stuck leggings and a tank top in my bag, just in case. We finished dinner at Cafe Deville around 9:45, so I had just enough time to get to the class. After a moment of considering meeting up with friends at the Beer Garden (flip cup can be a workout :)) I decided to seize the moment and get over feeling like a huge dork. I am glad I did. I really enjoyed the class and the people were pretty normal.

I realized I had been afraid to take more challenging level classes because I don't really consider myself a yogi and I didn't think I was ready. But I really enjoy classes that challenge me, and it's okay if I can do all the crazy handstands and things, I can try! Plus, I definitely have the stamina to keep up with the fast-paced classes and lots of favorite. I am also fine at anything involving back bends (thanks to years of gymnastics), so really it's the poses and inversions that require lots of upper body strength that I need to work on! Yay, beginner no more!

Saturday: 7.5 mile run to Astoria Park and back+40 block walk. I love this place, even though it's a much longer run from my new apartment, I think it is worth the effort. I am not sure if it is because it was one of my first "discoveries"when I moved to Queens from Manhattan, but I adore it.

I love the MASSIVE pool with the super old-fashioned triple decker diving board and sprinkler pool, plus the 50 meter and 16 lane main pool! I lifeguarded for 7 years, and even I would be intimidated to guard there! I also love that it was built as a public work during the depression.

So I payed homage to the pool and stopped for a second to watch the filming of a movie. I couldn't figure out what it was, but there was a few trailers, tons of equipment, and a large crew that was melting in 100 degree weather. I ran back along the water, which was moving pretty quickly for a calm day!
I actually prepared for my run remembering to put on sunscreen and bring my metrocard in case of emergencies. I even dressed the part, wearing my race ready spandex shorts, so I could stash my key, card and one of the bottles from my fuel belt--which I left at home. I actually could have used more water, so perhaps I will wear my fuelbelt next time.

Dressing the part isn't a bad tip, it kept me running. I didn't want to be seen wearing spandex (hate it), sweating like a pig and walking :)
Sunday: Total lazy day, the dry heat from yesterday has been replaced by serious humidity. I think that paired with a late night at the bars last night has made me a bit tired. So I did a very relaxed 40 minutes on the elliptical after dinner. Just kind of cycled around while watching ENews!

Exciting news, I was so disappointed about missing Masala Bhangra on Monday, and I guess someone from Crunch read the post because they emailed me inviting me back to actually attend. I CAN'T wait. Thank you so much Crunch. Good things come to those who blog.
xoxo Meliss