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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Healthier Lifestyle Changes Seem to be Working

So it's been a week since I adopted my three new diet guidelines:

Guideline 1: Don't Drink Diet Coke (aka don't pour sugar craving stimulating acid down your throught thrice daily)
I haven't been perfect, but I have managed to drink a ton more water. It would take a very long time to enumerate my reasons for trying to ax the coke habit, but hopefully slowly and surely and I will be addiction free. My tactics have included:

1.) buying lemons to put in my water, which makes me really enjoy water

2.)drinking iced coffee, which has less acid and the milk I put in it makes up for the bone erosion due to caffeine However, I am trying to cut down on the amount I spend on beverages, so this isn't a great option, plus it's just too much caffeine for my system

3.)trying to wait as long as possible before succumbing to the coke. The way I start the day totally sets the tone for my day. A healthy breakfast sans DC totally helps nix the sugar cravings, mindless munching and runaway nighttime eating. Plus if I can make it until lunch without soda, sometimes I don't even want it!

Guideline 2: Eat only when hungry-going really well. I have had a few talks with myself about the two minutes of enjoyment a brownie will bring not being worth it two hours later, and that seemed to do the trick. Especially coupled with less sugar/DC in the morning which whets my sweet tooth!

Guideline 3: No eating after dinner. Also going well. A few times I have eaten a piece of fruit ( like a big ass apple or grapefruit), but that's about it. I have been reading and going to bed earlier, not enough sleep always makes me ravenous the next day!

I have lost 2 pounds. Although I can't tell AT ALL, I think it is actually weight because I have hopped on the scale every other day and the number has always gone down with no fluctuation.

I think this is partially due to a lot more natural exercise, thank you very much good weather.

I have had about one treat each day ( I didn't plan to have or not have any, but it ended up about one a day) including, Pinkberry (with my fav girl :), cookies, half a brownie, samoa flavored tasti-d-lite on a sugar cone, and Mister Softee.

I love ice cream more than any man I've ever met (since I have never been in love-tear), so I am glad I can still have it without guilt. Although, I wonder if I would have lost twice as much if I had been perfect--but I am not! In case you didn't get the reference, it's based on one of my favorite quotes is by Walt Disney: "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever met."

I also have Friday nights and one brunch a weekend reserved for whatever the hell I want, and always have. This Friday I had half a pizza, 3 glasses of wine and ice cream, quite the splurge even for me!

The point is progress not perfect, a little change can go a long way. And I NEVER felt hungry, overly concerned with food, or deprived to boot! For me it is clearly more the way I eat, rather than what I eat. Besides the treats and Friday my diet was very clean and well balanced with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

Today I did treat myself to a healthier summer treat mango on a stick! Brilliant.

Yesterday, I did a free CRAZY pilates class at Crunch, tonight I am taking a complimentary yoga class at Yoga Sutra, and tomorrow is my free NYRR Anniversary Run. Lots of free workouts and lots of reviews coming up!


Kristin said...

Nice work! Incorporating the treats means its a lifestyle, not a diet!
Not sure which Pinkberry flave you love but the new on on W 58th St has coffee flavored! It is divine. I've incorporated your principles as well and feel better, too. Keep up the great work!

Christinia said...

how did you learn that sprite is more acidic than coke. I too thought it would be better?


We must be the same person. No matter what I can't stop eating ice cream. Honestly, I want an ice cream machine! What brand flavored seltzer do you recommend? The ones I have tried taste so fake, something off about them, and like a can. I love DC because it's in plastic bottle and not only in a can.

Also, aren't Perrier and Pelligrino just bottled waters? Or is there something special about them? Good luck with all your free exercise classes!

Kristin said...

Hi Christinia,
I am almost positive it was on a special on the Today Show. I think it was a year or so ago. It has to do with the citrus acid in clear sodas.
Canada Dry Cherry Selzer is my favorite sparkling water - no sugar, sodium, chemicals or sweetner. So I guess it is the next best thing to water??

Melissa said...

Hey Christinia,

I like Poland Spring Raspberry Lime, and all of the Canada Dry flavors, raspberry, lemon lime, mandarin orange, and plain. My dentist did say that even seltzer is not good for your teeth, but it certainly has less acid.

Pellegrino and Perrier are naturally sparkling waters, so the carbonation is not added. It is a much milder fizz. They drink these types of waters in europe a lot, some people drink it just as if it was water.

For the record, I am not a fan of Hint water, and it is really expensive to boot!

The bottle thing with Diet Coke is really important to me too. I only truly enjoy diet coke from a 16 or 20 ounce plastic bottle, not from a can or 64 ounce and especially not from a fountain! Someone once told me I should be a coke conissiuer.

Anyways, have a great day ladies.