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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Serious Fitness in the News

There have been so notable fitness stories in the news lately, Crack Fitness worthy for sure :).

I just thought I would share a few quickly:

Gym Grunter Not Assaulted by Silencer, a Jury Rules

I heard about this story months ago in a spinning class! Then my friend just sent me the NYTimes article with the verdict. Too funny!

Dean Karnazes, aka Ultramarathon Man, just finished a 700 miles run through the 21 California Missions in 11 days. He finished with the San Diego Marathon on Sunday. See his blog here:

Finally, this article in Runner's World on Mario Lopez makes me laugh, he got to run the Boston Marathon, and he actually had the audacity to stop for lunch! The most coveted marathon entry on the planet, and the best runners in the country, this is not the marathon to grab some clam chowder!

Oh, and the ever exciting fight to host the Olympics: yay Chitown!


VeggieGirl said...

Haha, I read that article yesterday actually, in Runner's World magazine (about Lopez) - he said that his girlfriend or whatever wanted to stop for lunch, so their race time was like 5 hours or something, haha!

Lynn said...

That article in the times had me lol!

Do you think you could post a blog of a typically day of what you eat. You seem to have a moderate approach to life that alot of us could relate to- meaning you eat healthy but are not a slave to cooking everything from scratch. I love kath's blog but most people don't have time to bake and cook as much as she does.

Melissa said...

Hi Lynn,

I will definitely consider it and you'll see/hear something soon. I almost never cook more than salad so I see how it could be helpful to reader on the go!