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Friday, July 13, 2007

Detour #2!

I will soon be leaving the country to spend two weeks in Italy. So I can’t promise I will be blogging…or running. But I will try! I am very nervous to miss 3 longs runs. However, my coach assured me that as long as I run 40 minutes 3 times a week, I should be able to maintain my current fitness level. Coincidentally, the team is doing a Naples 10K in place of a long run this weekend, and I will actually be in Naples! So I will try to do my run there, as if with the team. This morning I got up early to pack and do my last long run. I ran by my favorite Astoria sites: down to the Socrates Sculpture Park and then over to Astoria Park, past the track and tennis courts, and along the water to soak in my last views of the skyline for a while, and finally around my favorite part of the park, the mammoth Astoria Pool, a public works project from the depression era before heading home to complete my 6.75 mile run.

Bye New York, I’ll be back soon!

Pictures: Top left, Scultpture Park, Top Right, Astoria Park, Center, Astoria Park Track, Bottom Left, Astoria Pool, Bottom Right, View from Sculpture Park.